A visual environment for the oceans

The Collaborative Ocean Visualization Environment (COVE) is a visualization system designed with oceanographers to combine the ease of use of applications like Google Earth with the needs of the scientific community. As well as being able to change scale and perspective at the science site, it also supports high resolution bathymetry, color gradients to highlight the bathymetry, 3D visualization of datasets, and tracking and planning tools for working with oceanographic assets such as AUVs.


Below are instructions on how to download the software if you want to take a closer look. It works on both Windows and Mac and on the help menu you can find rudimentary documentation and a quick start section for taking a look at the features.

To install COVE on a Windows system, run the Window Setup Program.
To install COVE on a Macintosh system you can download the dmg file for the Mac Version and then drag the cove folder to the desktop. If during the download you get a warning that the folder contains an application, that's fine.
Launch the application by double clicking on the COVE application in the cove folder. It will take a while to start up as files are downloaded. The README.txt file contains further information for installation and on reporting problems you may have.


Please send any comments or questions to keithg@cs.washington.edu or mstorm@u.washington.edu.